Crop Sprayer Parts

We provide year-round parts support as a parts dealer for both Agrifac and Chafer Sprayers.

Whether mounted, trailed or self-propelled, all classes of sprayer are covered.

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Yorkshire and Humber are agents for Agrifac

Agrifac build state of the art self-propelled sprayers that allow growers to nurture their crops from seed to harvest. Growers can decide on plant level what amount of water, food or protection is needed to have the best possible yield in terms of sufficiency, health, safety, and sustainability. Yorkshire and Humber have a long experience with parts, and we have identified the parts we need to keep in stock at our Beverley site to be able to support you through the season.

Yorkshire and Humber are agents for Chafer machinery

Since its establishment in 1901, Chafer has become a byword for the accurate application of chemical and liquid fertilisers in the agricultural industry. During this time, we have acquired huge amounts of experience in application techniques and the machinery involved. This knowledge puts Chafer in the perfect position to offer the best expertise and advice when tailoring an applicator for your business and with over 2 million pounds worth of spare parts on stock in the UK you can rest assured that Yorkshire and Humber Ltd will be in a position to keep you spraying.