Scotts Evolution Separator

Separation/Cleaning Unit

The primary role of the Evolution separator is to gently separate clod, stones, haulm and loose soil from the following range of fruit, vegetables and alliums:

Potatoes, Salad Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, Carrots, Parsnips, Celeriac, Chicory, Swedes, Red Beet, Brussels Sprouts, Flower Bulbs, Apples, Bell Peppers.

The Evolution Separator generally works by extracting the debris between 2 contra rotating rollers. The larger roller (spiral roller) has air chambers and is deformable with a spiralling rib. The smaller roller (clod roller) is smooth with a choice of finishes. The clever design of the “spiral rib” entrains the debris down into the valley between the rollers where, if the debris if soft enough is then crushed and ejected down below the separator. Stones will also pass between the rollers as the “spiral roller” readily deforms around the stone so does not allow loses of crop at this time. If larger stones enter the valley and there is not enough deformation in the spiral roller there is a safety mechanism that allows the clod roller to spring away momentarily to allow the stone to pass through.

The separator can be supplied in an ‘in-store’ configuration, fitted with electric motor drive, or in a ‘mobile’ configuration for mounting in an implement with hydraulic motor drive.

In order to vary the amount of separation and fine tune the separator for different crops / conditions, the unit is equipped with a host of easy to operate functions as listed:

  • Speed control of the spiral roller shafts
  • Speed and direction control of each pair of clod rollers
  • Gap adjustment between each contra rotating pair of rollers (All gaps are adjusted in a single movement on each side)
  • Height adjustment of clod rollers (all clod rollers lift at once)
  • Angle adjustment of the separator

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