ScanStone Bedtillers

1.8M to 6M Rotary Tillers

ScanStone offer a range of Bedtillers from in 1, 2 or 3 bed versions ranging from 1.8M to 6M working width. Fitted with long-life quick-change blades, downtime is kept to a minimum. A heavily built driveline with multiple-redundancy clutch protection also contributes to these machines’ reputation for extreme reliability. There are myriads of options to suit every grower’s system including folding variants, different cultivation roller attachments and a range of Bedforming options, including integrated mounted Bedformers.


  • Different blade profiles
  • Hydraulic Marker Kit
  • Intake Discs
  • Oil Coolers
  • Bedforming Hoods
  • Crumbler, Packer or Coil Rollers
  • Packer Roller Manual or Hydraulic Depth Control
  • Track Eradicator Tines
  • Mini Ploughs
  • Depth Wheels
  • Spike Rotor

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