Scotts Toppers

Haulm Toppers Scotts manufacture the Trinity 22B single-bed topper and the Trinity 6000 3-Bed Folding topper. Built on the principles of cost-effectiveness, reliability and performance these toppers have proven themselves time and time again both UK and worldwide. Features: Competitively priced wearing parts and quick-change flails for reduced downtime Front and rear mounted units give […]

Dewulf Kwatro / Kwatro Xtreme

The Kwatro is self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester that combines frontal harvesting with a traditional sieving path, hedgehog unit and cleaning modules, and all with the largest bunker on the market. Over the years, the Kwatro has built a strong reputation as a master in the field, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the quality-enhancing frontal harvesting concept, […]

Dewulf R3060

Dewulf R3060 2 Row Self Propelled Bunker Harvester

2-Row Self-Propelled Bunker Harvester In 1989 Dewulf achieved a milestone with the introduction of the R3000, the very first self-propelled three-wheeled offset potato harvester with gooseneck steering. The striking harvester stood out from the rest thanks to unprecedented manoeuvrability and the ability to continue harvesting when others were forced to stop. Since its introduction we […]

Dewulf Top-Lift Harvester

Dewulf Top Lift Harvester. Mounted Trailed and Self Propelled

Mounted, Trailed & Self-propelled Top Lifting Harvesters Dewulf manufacture a range of top-lifting harvesters in a multitude of options to suit any grower. From 1-row to 4-row units and with mounted, trailed and self-propelled options you can be sure that Dewulf manufacture a top-lifting harvester that is perfectly suited to your vegetable operation. Discharge elevator, […]

Dewulf Torro

Dewulf Torro 2 Row Trailed Bunker Harvester

2-Row Trailed Bunker Harvester The Dewulf Torro is a light trailed 2-row offset bunker harvester with special attention for potato-friendliness as well as product quality. The harvester is specifically equipped with numerous innovative features for these purposes. The Torro was the first machine to use patented Inclino MasterĀ® technology. This system ensures that the harvesting […]

Dewulf R2060

Dewulf R2060 2 Row Trailed Bunker Harvester

2-Row Trailed Bunker Harvester With the R2060, Dewulf has transferred the tested technology of the best-in-class self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester, the R3060, to a trailed version. The R2060 is a high-performance offset harvester designed for high processing speeds and ease of use while ensuring the quality of the potatoes. The R2060 also has the largest […]

ScanStone Harvesters

ScanStone Harvesters 2 Row Trailed Harvester

2-Row Trailed Harvesters ScanStone harvesters are reliable and modern machines, designed to gently harvest many varieties of root crop. Diablo rollers utilise electronic depth control to follow the contours of the row allowing for precision harvesting.  An open front-end allows the operator an unparalleled view of the crop flow. A multitude of state-of-the-art cleaning options […]

ScanStone Windrowers

ScanStone Windrowers 2 Row Trailed Winrower

2-Row Trailed Windrowers ScanStone windrowers are nimble yet strong and cost-effective machines, designed to increase the cost-effectiveness of harvesting operations, speed up harvest time and reduce in-field soil compaction. The windrower is purpose-built and designed for the role from the ground up, and it is this specialisation that allows it to excel when compared to […]

Dewulf Structural Planters

Dewulf Structural Planters 2 3 and 4 Row Potato Belt Planters

2, 3 & 4-Row Potato Belt Planters The Structural belt planters are the original and the best solution for quickly and accurately planting a large variety of seed potatoes. The advanced technology makes it possible to automatically vary the planting distance depending on the size of the potato. The result is optimum stem distribution and […]

Dewulf CP Planters

Dewulf CP Planters 2 4 6 8 Row Potato Cup Planters

2, 4, 6 & 8-Row Potato Cup Planters The CP-series cup planting machines are multifunctional potato planting machines that have proved their qualities time and again in the field. The Dewulf CP combines high capacity, user-friendliness and precise placement accuracy and is the epitome of potato-friendliness. Our cup planters are also superbly suited as a […]