Horstine Microband / Microband Air

Gravity/Pneumatic Granular Applicator

The unique positive displacement metering system used in Microband granular applicators allow granules of different sizes and densities to be precisely and economically applied over a wide range of application rates. The universal system has been adapted to apply granular products on most types of planter, seeder and cultivator on crops ranging from potatoes to sugar beet.

The Microband applicator system uses single or multiples of our hopper assemblies to create applicators usually between 2 and 12 outlets. Microband uses gravity rather than a pneumatic fan to deliver the granules to their intended location. This reduces complexity and therefore cost, but also allows products to be applied where the air flow of a fan would cause problems, such as on a precision seed drill.

Applicators are available with single or multiples of 35, 70, 100 or 150L hoppers. These hoppers are weather sealed and translucent, allowing hopper contents to be monitored quickly and easily. Closed transfer receivers are fitted to the hoppers lid, minimising operator exposure to chemical. Microband applicators can be fitted to wide range of implements and can apply multiple different products.

The Microband Air is used for in furrow application of granular chemicals during planting and can be fitted to a wide range of planters. The applicator is mounted low down to aid filling and calibration, with granules being delivered to the outlets via a high capacity pneumatic fan. Automatic rate control and positive product shutoff ensures the most accurate and environmentally responsible application possible


  • Granular Nematicides
  • Avadex
  • Slug Pellets
  • Small Seeds
  • Microgranular Fertilisers


  • Potato planters
  • Rotavators
  • Bedtillers
  • Drills
  • Precision drills
  • Cultivators

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