Dewulf Torro

2-Row Trailed Bunker Harvester

The Dewulf Torro is a light trailed 2-row offset bunker harvester with special attention for potato-friendliness as well as product quality. The harvester is specifically equipped with numerous innovative features for these purposes. The Torro was the first machine to use patented Inclino MasterĀ® technology. This system ensures that the harvesting unit remains continuously parallel to the field while the harvester is kept horizontal. This technology increases profitability and avoids quality losses due to damaged potatoes during harvesting. Thanks to the Quick-Change System, switching between the Torro’s various harvesting kits (carrots, onions, red beet) takes just 15 minutes.

The trailed 2-row sieving harvester with bunker has two sieving conveyors combined with a curved, ultra-potato-friendly haulm conveyor that is unique in the market. This design reduces the drop height to an absolute minimum and does a better job keeping the haulm on the haulm conveyor.

The Torro is equipped with two flat hedgehog units. The sorting platform has room for seven people. The discharge conveyor is equipped with a waste funnel on both sides. Torro also requires little in the way of tractor power; a 100 hp tractor is adequate for harvesting. The harvester is fitted with a 6-tonne bunker with two programmable discharge speeds. If you want to significantly boost your productivity, an unloading-on-the-move bunker is also available.

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