Dewulf Structural Planters

2, 3 & 4-Row Potato Belt Planters

The Structural belt planters are the original and the best solution for quickly and accurately planting a large variety of seed potatoes. The advanced technology makes it possible to automatically vary the planting distance depending on the size of the potato. The result is optimum stem distribution and a more homogenous end-product. With a Structural, even pre-germinated potatoes can be planted effortlessly with no sprout damage.

The Structural planters combine extreme planting precision, a high driving speed (up to 11 km/h) and potato-friendliness. The Structural is without a doubt the fastest, yet also the most reliable potato planter on the market. Our belt planters are suitable for straightforward, place-specific planting of a wide variety of seed potatoes. The renowned Structural belt planting system combines precision with a high level of product-friendliness. The unique planting system limits friction between the tubers and therefore prevents damage to the seed potato. The potato-friendly planting belt concept gives each individual seed potato optimum room to grow based on its size. The open design of the belt bed also does an excellent job of separating foreign matter from the seed potatoes and makes it easier to perform maintenance and adjustment of the machine.

By making use of GPS support the control system ensures precise planting. Thanks to our Precision-Planting system you are assured perfect placement of the seed potatoes, with even spacing, at the correct depth and in a single line in the middle of the ridge. Moreover, with the Structural planters you can also perform place-specific planting, granulate spreading and fertilising, all independently of each other.

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