Dewulf SC/SC Compact

Front/Rear/Planter Mounted Rotary Cultivators

The SC series of cultivators for attachment in front of a tractor can be installed quickly on the tractor and fits each model. This cultivator guarantees high, reliable performance ease of use. With its 650 mm rotor diameter, the SC series has a larger rotor diameter than most other cultivators in the same category. This makes it possible to till deeper for better bed preparation, yet still have a compact machine. The hardened steel used to make the cultivator tines also ensures high durability. Moreover, the powertrain of an SC cultivator can handle the power from engines rated to 250 hp, so it can take on any type of soil. When used in a front-mounted position, the specially shaped mountable ridge formers that are adjustable in height, ensure that the soil is guided towards the ridge to a maximum degree and away from the wheel track without pressing on the soil. This safeguards that there is always enough loose soil to form a good ridge with the planter.

The SC Compact is a cultivator that was specifically developed for use in combination with a CP 42 cup planter (4 x 75 cm). An SC Compact combined with a CP 42, trailed 4-row cup planter, is called: CP 42 Smart-Float GII. Like the previous generation, the CP 42 Smart-Float GII combines soil cultivation, planting and ridging in a single working pass to save growers time, money and man hours. A great convenience is the fact that this 3-in-1 planting combination automatically loosens just the right amount of soil and always maintains a constant planting depth in relation to the topside of the ridge. There is also no need for the grower to ridge separately later, which is beneficial to the quality of the soil and allows the plant to grow optimally.

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