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Belt/Elevator Conveyors

Moving your product quickly and without damage is a task our Dewulf belt conveyors perform like no other. Irrespective whether you choose one of our 80 cm wide MC series or one of our smaller 70 cm or 85 cm wide TAT series, you will achieve a high capacity. The unique open chassis of our belt conveyors prevents the accumulation of waste. Due to their narrow construction and the optional integrated flattening set, the transport conveyors can also be used to read the product. Furthermore, the strong PVC belt is light and ensures a product-friendly transport without soil adhering to it.

Dewulf has many years of experience with the transport of potatoes. The quality of the latest generation of Dewulf belt conveyors has been achieved by working closely with our end users. As a result, our belt conveyors provide maximum capacity, an efficient product flow and less risk of damage. At Dewulf, the strength lies in the simplicity, this makes our machines reliable and practically indestructible.

All belt conveyors are available in a “Farmer” version. This is a basic version that meets the highest quality requirements yet lacks the advanced features of the regular version. The Farmer version has 2 fixed belt speeds (21/42 m/min).

Our Dewulf elevator conveyors are the best suited belt conveyors for the filling of your store with a capacity of more than 160 tonnes/hour. The elevator conveyors can also be used for the transport of soil from the receiving hopper. The heavy-duty frame turns our ME elevator conveyors into very sturdy machines. The ME series is characterised by an 80 cm wide troughed conveyor belt and is available in lengths of 8 or 10 m.

Dewulf also manufacture a belt conveyor specifically designed for filling a receiving hopper from a belt trailer; the MF15 Series.

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