Dewulf MB / RT Box Fillers

Box Fillers

During the filling of boxes, everything is focused on product-friendliness and capacity. As a result, the Dewulf box fillers fill homogeneously. Our reliable box filling technology ensures that the drop height is continuously at a minimum. With our box filler, you only have to perform a single task: switching the boxes on time.

The MB series box fillers use a dust-proof control box and an HMI control-unit with pictograms, which makes the operation very enjoyable. All machines are equipped with Start-Control: The MB is a main machine, which can start and stop the entire line of connected machines. Moreover, the low power consumption of our Dewulf box fillers is also very notable.

The RT 30 box filler elevator conveyor is a machine that can be relocated easily and features an intake that is adjustable in height using a jack. The deep trough-shaped PVC conveyor belt ensures product-friendly transport to the box filler. The elevator conveyor can be linked to both the MB 33 as well as the MB 55 and is also adjustable in height at the outlet.

Dewulf also manufacture a fully automatic box tippler, the AKL series.

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