Dewulf Kwatro / Kwatro Xtreme

The Kwatro is self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester that combines frontal harvesting with a traditional sieving path, hedgehog unit and cleaning modules, and all with the largest bunker on the market. Over the years, the Kwatro has built a strong reputation as a master in the field, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the quality-enhancing frontal harvesting concept, the potato ridges remain intact and the harvester has excellent stability. This makes it possible to keep harvesting longer in wet conditions. The Kwatro harvesting unit is equipped with all the modern features to make harvesting as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

With the spacious new Claas cabin, Dewulf has created an enjoyable working environment focused on the driver. The Kwatro is equipped with a 500 hp Scania Engine. The cooling works independently from the engine and as a result offers more freedom regarding the engine speed. The Kwatro has the lowest ground pressure per cm² in the market, without overloaded rear wheels or narrow wheels at the front that dig in deeply between the ridges.

Thanks to a maximum rear wheel steering deflection of 60°, the harvester is surprisingly manoeuvrable. The traction can be adjusted per track/wheel, ensuring that harvesting can continue in even in the most challenging circumstances and weather conditions, which makes the Kwatro exceptionally reliable.

For growers who plant in 4 x 90 cm or grow in beds of 1800mm Dewulf has developed the Kwatro Xtreme

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