Dewulf Grading Machines

Separate Grading Units

The Web Grader excels in the accurate grading of your product and preventing product damage. The machine has a 900 mm wide grading web and is slightly inclined. A dual Web Grader has two side-by-side grading webs, so it can be used behind various brands of receiving hopper. You can place multiple Web Graders one after the other to grade various product sizes. The web speed and speed of the agitators are continuously adjustable. With the Web Grader, you are ensured a high-quality product and a higher net yield.

The grading accuracy greatly depends on the conditions. To meet the strictest requirements a grading web can be made of metal or rubber. When you are confronted with damp or wet product it is best to choose metal sorting webs. If you have dry and/or delicate product and light and/or non-sticking soil during the harvest, you should choose rubber grading webs.

The Flexible Grader is widely deployable and can be mounted behind various brands of receiving hoppers, providing a simple way for you to clean or sort the product. The roller units are versatile and flexible in use and can be placed directly behind the receiving hopper or used independently in the storage line. Switching between cleaning rollers and grading rollers can be done quickly, and the cleaning intensity and/or grading size is flexibly adjustable. The Flexible Grader can be expanded with the Flow-Pin, which prevents product damage caused by too much time spent on the rollers. The Smart-Pin is also available to ensure that you obtain consistent product cleaning quality without interruption of the storage process.

No-one knows your cleaning and grading needs better than you do. With our Flexible Grader, you can choose to clean and/or sort behind the receiving hopper. The gap width and the position of the rollers can be set precisely. The roller unit is available with RZ smooth rollers, SZ spiral rollers, SU sorting rollers or PU star rollers.

The user interface of the separate grader units from Dewulf utilises pictograms, making them very easy to operate. The Graders are also equipped with Start-Control: With a single push of the start button, all connected machines will start in sequence with delay timers. This prevents current spikes in the power grid and optimises both the capacity and the product-friendly handling.

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