Dewulf Field Loader 240

Stand-alone Field Loaders

With the Field Loader 240, growers drastically reduce the amount of soil and waste that accompanies the product during loading in the field. This is because tipping trailers can unload the product directly into the transfer combi for cleaning before it is loaded into a truck. With this machine, transport vehicles are optimally filled with net product.

The Field Loader 240 is a compact transfer combi suitable for road transport. The optional steered axle also makes the machine extra manoeuvrable (20°). In the field it takes just a few minutes to prepare the machine for use. 

The bunker floor and the roller unit, familiar from the renowned MH series, ensure a good product flow and provide the necessary cleaning. The inspection table has space for two people. The wide, 4-piece, product-friendly discharge elevator of the Field Loader 240 has an extremely wide pivot range of 120° (60 left + 60 right) and can reach deep into a truck. Active side plates and soft flights prevent product damage.

With the optional built-in diesel generator, the Field Loader 240 can be used anywhere. The super-silent generator (80 dB max.) can also be detached so it can be used for other purposes. In addition, the Field Loader 240 can also simply be connected to mains power. The Field Loader 240, like all other Dewulf storage machines, offers best-in-class low power consumption.

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