Dewulf CP Planters

2, 4, 6 & 8-Row Potato Cup Planters

The CP-series cup planting machines are multifunctional potato planting machines that have proved their qualities time and again in the field. The Dewulf CP combines high capacity, user-friendliness and precise placement accuracy and is the epitome of potato-friendliness. Our cup planters are also superbly suited as a combination machine for soil cultivation, fertiliser spreading, planting, crop protection and ridging in a single working pass. Altogether this results in an optimum start of the growing season for the potato and ensures a high crop yield.

The CP-series cup planters are designed for potato growers who demand the most reliable planting precision. One of the cornerstones of this precision is the unique Dewulf planting element found in each CP. Every grower can work more efficiently thanks to the high planting capacity, low maintenance costs and exceptionally simple control system of our Dewulf planters. 

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