Chafer Quickstart

Liquid Fertiliser Tank System

The Chafer Quickstart system comprises a glass reinforced fibre (GRP) or stainless-steel tank of 1,000-litre, 1,500-litre or 2,000-litre capacity, mounted on a frame that also carries the pumping and flow control equipment needed to make it a self-contained unit.

This includes a PTO or hydraulic-drive self-priming centrifugal or piston-diaphragm pump, and a variety of options of automatic rate control system using either a GPS sensor or speed sensor, a pressure filter, and all essential valves and pipework. There are also fast-filling and emptying ports, a pressure-monitoring system, optional nozzle-blockage detection and an electric on/off valve that can operate automatically when the implement is lifted and lowered for a headland turn. The Quickstart can be configured to work with a variety of control devices and can also be operated via an ISOBUS terminal. Working closely with potato planter manufacturers, Chafer can offer a range of bolt on placement tines for a variety of potato planters for correct placement of fertilisers.

Optional stainless-steel tanks offer excellent durability, whilst stainless steel fixtures and fittings ensure corrosion resistance for a reliable and dependable operation.

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