Scotts GT170 Windrower Conversion Kit

The windrower conversion kit directly replaces the elevator module on the Grimme GT170 without modification to the host machine, therefore can easily be returned to an elevator harvester at a later date. The 5.3m long cross conveyor allows lifted crop to be conveyed gently over the adjacent 2 rows and deposited into the centre of […]

Dewulf Enduro

4-Row Self-Propelled Bunker Harvester The Enduro is a 4-row self-propelled sieving harvester on tyres. Product-friendliness, capacity and ease of use characterise this harvester. The Enduro is the result of the combination of our own extensive experience and input from agricultural contractors and potato growers. The machine on tyres is, on the one hand, equipped with […]

Agrifac Condor Endurance II

Agrifac Condor Endurance II Crop Sprayer

Capacity, capacity, capacity and extreme endurance with the Condor Endurance II. The most innovative sprayer in the world. Condor Endurance offers the most stable spraying with StabiloPlus: Every drop hits the right spot. Endurance and maximal capacity with the 8.000L tank and booms available up to 55 m. Full circulation and no rest liquid with […]

Dewulf Grading Machines

Dewulf Web and Flexible Grading Machines

Separate Grading Units The Web Grader excels in the accurate grading of your product and preventing product damage. The machine has a 900 mm wide grading web and is slightly inclined. A dual Web Grader has two side-by-side grading webs, so it can be used behind various brands of receiving hopper. You can place multiple […]

Dewulf MC / TAT / MF / ME Belt Conveyor

Dewulf MC TAT MF and ME Series Belt and Elevator Conveyors

Belt/Elevator Conveyors Moving your product quickly and without damage is a task our Dewulf belt conveyors perform like no other. Irrespective whether you choose one of our 80 cm wide MC series or one of our smaller 70 cm or 85 cm wide TAT series, you will achieve a high capacity. The unique open chassis […]

Dewulf MB / RT Box Fillers

Dewulf MB and RT Series Box Fillers

Box Fillers During the filling of boxes, everything is focused on product-friendliness and capacity. As a result, the Dewulf box fillers fill homogeneously. Our reliable box filling technology ensures that the drop height is continuously at a minimum. With our box filler, you only have to perform a single task: switching the boxes on time. […]

Dewulf ML Store Loaders

Dewulf ML Series Store Loaders

Store Loaders The ML 70 series are store loaders with a 70 cm wide, deep troughed conveyor belt. They stand out with a high capacity of greater than 130 tonnes/h with a product-friendly belt speed. The store loaders are available in lengths of 13 or 16 metres. The ML 80 store loaders have an 80 […]

Dewulf MH / SB Receiving Hoppers

Dewulf MH and SB Series Receiving Hoppers

Receiving Hoppers The Dewulf receiving hoppers form the basis for reliable storage. The receiving hopper serves as a buffer and provides the cleaning and, if desired, sorting of your product. Our receiving hoppers are your guarantee for product-friendliness, capacity and versatility. Additionally, due to the various machine options, the machines of the MH series have […]

Dewulf Field Loader 240

Dewulf Stand Alone Field Loader 240

Stand-alone Field Loaders With the Field Loader 240, growers drastically reduce the amount of soil and waste that accompanies the product during loading in the field. This is because tipping trailers can unload the product directly into the transfer combi for cleaning before it is loaded into a truck. With this machine, transport vehicles are […]

Scotts Evolution Separator

Scotts Evolution Separator Seperation Cleaning Unit

Separation/Cleaning Unit The primary role of the Evolution separator is to gently separate clod, stones, haulm and loose soil from the following range of fruit, vegetables and alliums: Potatoes, Salad Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, Carrots, Parsnips, Celeriac, Chicory, Swedes, Red Beet, Brussels Sprouts, Flower Bulbs, Apples, Bell Peppers. The Evolution Separator generally works by […]