Root Crop Machinery

Our root crop machinery options cover an exhaustive range of products from world-leading manufacturers.

Dewulf (incorporating Miedema)

Operating since 1946, Dewulf provide multiple solutions for growers and have rounded out their portfolio to a year-round range with the acquisition of Miedema. They are the class leaders in self-propelled harvesting and planting technology.
The product range includes:

  • Front, rear and planter-mounted Rotary Cultivators

  • 2-row to 8-row mounted/trailed Cup Planters

  • 2, 3 & 4-row Structural Belt Planters

  • 2-row trailed bunker Harvesters

  • 2-row and 4-row self-propelled Harvesters

  • Multiple configurations of top-lifting Harvester

  • A wide assortment of storage/grading equipment



An industry byword for root crop cultivation solutions, ScanStone’s range of products has seen enormous success due to its rugged British design and manufacture, excellent value-for-money and impeccable aftersales support. They have recently brough these attributes to a wider range of haulm topping and windrowing/harvesting solutions.
The product range includes:

  • 2-bed to 4-bed Bedformers

  • 1.8M – 6M Rotary Tillers

  • Web and star-type Stone

  • Separators

  • 2-row trailed Windrowers

  • 2-row trailed Harvesters

  • Haulm Toppers


Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd

Established in 1994 and specialising in potato field machinery Scotts quickly grew into one of the most successful specialist potato machinery dealers in the UK. As the industry dramatically changed over the last few years Scotts have drawn on an extensive knowledge of potato handling, dating back some 30 years, and have now emerged as a fully-fledged design and manufacturing business. Currently they supply their range of products into more than 15 countries around the world through an extensive dealer network.  All machinery is designed in-house and manufactured onsite at Scotts’ Lincolnshire workshop.
The product range includes:

  • The Evolution separator

  • Trailed Harvesters

  • Trailed & Mounted

  • Windrowers

  • Haulm Toppers

  • Ridgepress

  • A range of polyurethane products

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